Many know Monterey, California as
a world-class visitor destination

With its renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium and Jazz Festival, historic Cannery Row, beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, wineries, art galleries and famous area golf courses (Pebble Beach), Monterey is visited by millions of tourists each year.

What many do not know is that Monterey is also home to the greatest collection of foreign language assets in the world.

is The Language Capital of the World…
…and is directly involved with a full 25 percent of the nation's post-secondary learning in languages other than English. Monterey organizations play a major role in delivering translation (written word) and interpretation (spoken) services around the globe.

Monterey’s deep historical, multilingual and multicultural heritage
Monterey was founded in 1770 when Spanish soldiers claimed the land for King Charles III of Spain. California's First Constitutional Convention, held in Monterey in 1849, was conducted in both Spanish and English.

Monterey's language and cultural diversity is reflected in its Native American, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese roots.

California’s then Governor Pete Wilson, in a November 1995 proclamation, commended…

"Monterey and its surrounding communities for their invaluable contributions to the strength and vitality of our great state and nation and (I) join in supporting the Monterey community's efforts to be designated as
'The Language Capital of the World.'"

Language Capital Advocates

The Monterey Language Capital Advocates (MLCA) is a nonprofit, public-private coalition whose members have been working as a combined force to spread the word that the greater Monterey area is The Language Capital of The World.

The Mission of the Monterey Language Capital Advocates

The mission of the Monterey Language Capital Advocates (MLCA) is to advance the Monterey region's role as the global leader in language and cultural learning, teaching, use, and policy.

All MLCA members are based in the Monterey area. They meet regularly to discuss and implement the expansion of Monterey's worldwide language capabilities. They are closely interconnected through various programs, creating a one-of-a-kind web of language-based organizations.

What makes Monterey
the Language Capital of the World?

 The City of Monterey which, in addition to preserving and protecting Monterey's environment for its many language components, has been the driving force in the campaign for the Language Capital designation.

 The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center , With a faculty of over 1700, DLIFLC today offers courses in two dozen languages and dialects. DLIFLC offers intermediate, advanced, sustainment and refresher language instruction at its Continuing Education Directorate located near the Presidio, on the former Fort Ord.

 Language Line Services is the leading provider of telephone-based interpretation, and provides around-the-clock language assistance to 20,000 global clients in over 170 languages.

 The Monterey Institute of International Studies, founded by educators devoted to the integration of culture and language studies, is a private graduate school that focuses on international business, policy, translation and interpretation, and language teaching.

 California State University, Monterey Bay is a four-year, comprehensive university that offers a variety of language programs designed to develop learner proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as to learn about various aspects of a foreign culture and apply the knowledge to better understand one's own culture.

 Monterey Peninsula College one of 109 colleges in the California Community College System, offers eight foreign language including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

 The Naval Postgraduate School has played host to students from more than 100 nations and provides professional, service-oriented educational programs for the U.S. armed forces and international militaries.

 CTB/McGraw Hill is the industry leader in language assessment scales with products used in all 50 states and provides tests in English and in Spanish.

 China Education Resources Inc. is a provider of products and services to China's kindergarten to grade 12 market. CER's traditional business has been in textbooks, selling over 15 million books in 2004.

 Monterey County Office of Education provides leadership to 25 pubic school districts throughout the county. More than half of the student population in Monterey County speaks a language other than English at home, with more than 50 languages represented.

 Medialocate USA, Inc. is a full-service localization company that provides creative multilingual solutions to businesses from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

The International Language and Culture Foundation (ILCF) recognizes and promotes excellence in language education and the study of cultures

Armanasco Public Relations, established in 1985 and a founding member of MLCA, is a full-service public relations firm specializing in community relations, marketing communications, public affairs, media relations, and research.

For more information: 1-800-LANG-CAP (1-800-526-4227)